The Four “P”s to Success

In this week’s issue Aaron Berger writes about the four “P”s that help us identify our competitive advantage. For each “P” we think about what we have that is different, or what we can do to set ourselves apart from the crowd and get a leg up. To get you going, I added a few examples at the end of Aaron’s piece to show how other graziers found their competitive advantage. Then, it only seemed fair that I show you how I apply this to On Pasture too.


On Pasture’s place is online. That makes On Pasture easier to deliver to you and much more nimble and responsive than print publications. It also means that all our articles are there for you anytime you need them. No sorting through old stacks of magazines stored in the barn – just sit down at your computer and type in your search and there you are.


I have always been passionate about helping folks be successful. I also love thinking outside the box and sharing new solutions to old problems. I’ve leveraged these two passions into a publication that delivers science and experience translated into practices you can use right away to be more sustainable and profitable. When On Pasture started in 2013, there was no one else doing this kind of work, so it truly was our competitive advantage.


There is just so much information out there that it’s hard to have the time to sift through it all. It’s also hard to know what’s good and what’s not. Here at On Pasture we sort through it all and separate the wheat from the chaff. This saves you valuable time and helps you head down the right road. It’s not something you find everywhere, and so it makes us special.


This P is all about the customer we serve. For the last seven years, readers were satisfied with the seven new articles each week. But now our library is 2,500 articles big, representing it’s own search challenge. So, to serve you better we’re doing two things:

1) Hailey Rice is going through and tagging all the articles so they’ll pop up more easily when you search the archives.

2) We’re creating ebooks of curated articles, collecting everything on a topic so all you have to do is click, download and read. You can find what we’ve got currently by clicking on Bonus Content in the menu bar. Folks have already sent in ideas for ebooks on bale and winter grazing, and we’re working on something on leasing land to build a business and on putting together a grazing chart/plan. If you have more ideas, do send them along.

So those are On Pasture’s answers to the four “P”s. I hope you enjoyed seeing behind the scenes a bit, and that it might help you think about what your competitive advantage is.

Thanks for reading!


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