Copper Deficiency in Cattle Can Reduce Conception Rates

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is Canada’s national industry-led funding agency for beef research. It is directed by a committ

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3 thoughts on “Copper Deficiency in Cattle Can Reduce Conception Rates

  1. Any cattle-buyer wanna be can identify fill. It takes a little knowledge to answer questions like: Why have these slicked off already? Why haven’t these slicked off yet? Why is the tips of the hair a different color? Why are the front appendages a little bigger? There are early signs something is out of balance. The trick is being able to identify them

  2. I have very similar experience (liver biopsy, blood work et al) with selenium deficiency that presented as still borns and retained placentas. Sulphur and iron competes with it as well.

  3. Thank you for a fascinating and important article. The only thing I would add is to remind folks that it is not just copper. A lack of many different minerals (or interfering factors) can cause similar reproductive or other herd health problems. And here’s the thing: the rancher can absolutely NOT discern what the problem is. My advice is exactly the same:

    Find a competent ruminant nutritionist
    Send in some blood tests
    Design a custom mineral mix to overcome the problem

    And no matter what your neighbor or your grandpa tells you, a salt block is NOT enough.

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