What Do You Do With Your Bull When He’s Not Working?

The bull in my herd lives a pretty good life.  He “works” a couple of months a year and the rest of the time he just, sort of, chills. Most cattlemen want their bull’s working season to last for as short a duration as possible. The advantages of a more uniform calf crop to sell, synchronized nutritional requirements, better focus on new calf management, and identification of nonproductive cows certainly make pulling the bull off the cows worthwhile. It's also better for sales. When you bring that smorgasbord load of calves born at all different times to a sale they lose their identity as your cattle because the seller wants to group like cattle together for the buyers. Since I started shipping a more similar calf crop my return improved. And unless you run cattle in Hawaii or somewhere, calving in every month that contains a vowel probably doesn’t synchronize with the best forage growing conditions. Babies shivering in the snow trying to eat hay is not part of my solution set. Finally, I think we all want to know when calves might arrive so we can prepare an intervention for any problems or at least to

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