Facilities for a Stocker Operation

Over the past few months I've written several articles about why I made the switch from a cow calf operation to stockers and backgrounding. I've been able to improve my pastures, stop making hay all summer, and I can even have time off. And, at least in my area, stockers provide a lot more opportunities to make a profit than cows do. Today I want to focus on the facilities needed for this kind of operation. It is critical to have the proper facilities in place before buying any cattle. A receiving lot/corral, and well-fenced pastures, all with good water sources, will increase your chances of keeping calves healthy. Receiving Lot/Corral Newly purchased calves are prone to wandering around and checking out their new surroundings for at least the first couple of days after arriving at their new home, especially if they haven’t been weaned.  For this reason, a receiving lot with a strong fence around it is a necessity. Woven wire or board fences are ideal for this area, but six or seven strands of high tensile or barbed wire will work if woven wire is not feasible.   A receiving lot does not need to be large. In fact, if it is too big it can allow the calves too much room to walk around. Y

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