Build Your “Room” for Success

A year ago I listened to an interview with author David Weinberger on CBC radio. The host was asking questions about Weinberger’s book ‘Too Big To Know.’ Weinberger posed the question, “Who is the smartest person in the room?” His answer….the room! In the book, the author talked about how the internet and our access to the internet have radically changed the face of knowledge and expertise. In our current environment, anyone can be an expert because of our availability to information. This is to say, in any room there may be a host of experts on a variety of topics. It got me thinking about my ‘room’ of experts. Since I have had a few careers in my life, and have met some extraordinary people, I have a healthy list of experts I can call for advice or free information. The people I trust most are people who have actually tried something. I stay away from people who can tell me all the reasons why something won’t work when they have never actually stepped up. The most powerful advice comes from people who are intelligent, have education, and who have a lot of experience.  This last group of people are the ones I strive to have in my

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2 thoughts on “Build Your “Room” for Success

  1. Oh, yes, you’re right.

    When I’m in someone’s room and I answer, “Oh, I know what to do for sure,” I’m probably being an ass.

    If I say, “I’ve tried this and it shows promise,” I probably am being helpful.

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