A Fall, Post-Drought Pasture Walk at Greg and Jan Judy’s Green Pastures Farm

This article comes to us from November of 2013 and On Pasture's first year of publication. After a 6 month drought, you'd think that Greg might be a little down about his winter grazing prospects, and you'd be wrong.  He's found that managing his animals as one big herd is especially beneficial during drought.  In addition, by taking just the tops of the plants, and leaving plenty of "solar collectors" behind, he gets quicker regrowth, which kept his pastures in good shape.  Thanks to a few 1/4 inch rainfalls recently, he says "We've actually managed to grow a lot of good grass on the farm." In this short video he describes his cattle, his process, and what his winter strip-grazing mode looks like.  And if you know Greg, you'll know that he emphasizes grazing over feeding, saying "Every day you graze, you're putting money in your pocket, and every day you feed you're taking it out."  Enjoy this visit to the Judy Farms! https://youtu.be/IDeqlnEBrCY Since this article, we've published other articles from Greg to help readers deal with their own drought concerns. Here's one example: https://onpasture.com/2013/04/01/grazing-through-a-drought-the-first-two-years/ Having a plan for what to do before a drought hits, is critical to success. To help you put together your own drought plan, we created an ebook: Drought Planning 101. Here's what you'll find: • Dave Pratt of Ranch Management Consultants lays out the basics for planning; • Tips on how

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