Calving Season Timing – Three Producers on Why They Choose Fall, Winter or Summer

The Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) is Canada’s national industry-led funding agency for beef research. The BCRC is funded through

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One thought on “Calving Season Timing – Three Producers on Why They Choose Fall, Winter or Summer

  1. Kathy, normally when there’s an article I strongly disagree with I just keep reading onto another piece. However, this article really moved me, so with much trepidation, here are my comments:
    I thought the idea with business is to make money to raise our families? Two examples in the article were making decisions so they could ranch/farm around their off farm job. In my mind we should be figuring out how to ranch so we don’t require an off farm job.
    None of the examples discussed higher profit as a reason for choosing a calving season. To me that should be the first consideration because if it’s not profitable why do it? If a system is not profitable, tweaking things to make it run smoother is like changing light bulbs to save on your electric bill. Yes it saves a bit of electricity, but really, does it make much difference to the financial health of your operation?
    This article is like giving everyone a participation badge in soccer for fear of hurting a person’s feelings. I think the authour would have done a much greater service explaining how to calculate gross margin per cow. That way people have a tool to decide when to calve based on profit not how to work around off farm income. Just maybe, more profit would help them get rid of the job that is subsidizing the operation.

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