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Working Cows Podcast With Clay Conry, Kathy Voth and Tip Hudson

Click to fill out a survey to guide On Pasture's futureHave you ever wanted to see behind the scenes of the publications or podcasts that you listen to? Well here’s your chance!

Back in November of 2020, I spent an hour with Clay Conry and Tip Hudson talking about the work we do to provide information and support to the grazing community. Clay is the creator and host of Working Cows Podcast and Tip is the creator and host of the Art of Range podcast. We met when we were presenters in October at the Colorado Society of Range Management’s virtual conference in October where we talked about building online communities.

Following the conference, Clay got us all back together for a conversation to share with his listeners. We discussed why we got into this field, what it’s like to run an online publication or podcast, what our goals are and how we feel we’re doing in meeting them. I really enjoyed the conversation, sharing ideas, and hearing how my colleagues think about their work and their role in moving us all forward to a more sustainable and profitable future.

Since our conversation took place on a Zoom call, you can watch it as a video (below), where you’ll get a glimpse of my office – the world headquarters of On Pasture. Or you can listen to it as a podcast from your computer, your phone, or whatever works best for you. Just head over to the Working Cows Podcast site. Then you can click on play and listen right there, download it to listen later, or click on the service you prefer (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or Tunein).



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