As Little as One Week’s Work a Year Can Significantly Improve Riparian Health

Riparian areas are those narrow strips of vegetation that surround creeks, streams, rivers, ponds and lakes. They're very productive areas, and important wildlife habitat. Healthy riparian areas mean good water quality for everyone downstream too. They're also easy to damage with bad grazing management. That's why, in recent years, we've seen an uptick in regulations that govern grazing and other agricultural practices that are potentially harmful to riparian corridors and water quality. Nobody likes regulations, and often, as Troy writes in this week's Classic by NatGLC, they're generally put in place for the mediocre manager. The result is reduced flexibility and increased expense for the good manager. So, what do we do? Perhaps we can learn from the latest research out of California that lays out how easy it can be to get riparian grazing right. Their results of the study are summarized here by Diane Nelson, University of California-Davis College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. Even Small Efforts to Keep Cows From Creeks Can Significantly Improve Riparian Health   With a little time and effort, rangeland managers can have a dramatic impact on the resilience of California’s riparian areas, which are important to the state’s human, environmental and economic well-being. Rangeland ecologists at the University of California, Davis, found th

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