When your plants talk, listen!

"Ouch," says the once tall range plant that was just bitten off for the fifteenth time. It says, "If you don't stop, I'm going to die." Interesting, plants don't talk with words, but they do communicate just by their appearance. After all, don't people also communicate with body language? This plant talk thing is a very simple method of monitoring plant health. Just walk into a home and listen to/communicate with your wilting house plant that you forgot to water. It says, "I'm thirsty, please water me." Many academia-type range people monitor plant species as an indicator of departure from some state of historic plant community diversity –– as stated in a benchmark, climax plant community. This method does tell part of the story, but for speedy practical purpose by the time a plant community has changed species types to "poor condition," we well-educated humans are way too late in suggesting management change. I sometimes wonder about traditional rangeland monitoring methods. They have their limitations. Here is another option. Take a pair of field glasses or a video camera with a good zoom lens and walk out into your herd of livestock and try to get as close to them as you can. You may have to use a little of the tactic the now famous Bud Williams does – his zig zag walking method. Don't look the cow in the eye, don't walk straight toward her, be slow, walk quietly, and avoid the direct approach. Stop often so the animals think you're not a threat and

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One thought on “When your plants talk, listen!

  1. Thank you for a wonderful article. For me the key word is “walk”; you don’t hear the plants from a truck or ATV, in my opinion. Better yet: take a lawn chair (and an appropriate beverage) and sit down among the grazing animals or at what you consider a safe distance away.

    Re: “What are their roofs doing? ” “Hoofs?”

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