Crop Farmers and Graziers Working Together – Feeding Livestock and Building Soil

A couple weeks ago, Brendon Rockey, a potato farmer, shared how he developed an agreement with a neighbor to graze his cover crops. His takeaways for developing agreements are something any of us can use. To add to that, this week, we listen in on a conversation among crop growers who are also working with graziers to manage their cover crops. It can help you understand what's important to a crop grower. That way, if you're interested in working with with a neighboring farmer to benefit their crops and your livestock, you can start off on the right foot. Thanks for this 3:03 video go to Buz Kloot and his team. It's part of the NRCS-sponsored series Soil Health How-To. Enjoy! Transcript Marlon Winger, Regional Specialist, NRCS Soil Health Division, WY, ID, MT: So we're getting some carbon in the ground, we're getting some diversity, we're getting some live root. What about livestock grazing, Brian? Will livestock eat this? Are you getting a benefit? Or is it all for the soil? Brian Kossman, Farmer, Paul, Idaho: No, from where we sit, we look at it more from a microbiology builder and a soil health builder and a livestock grazing side. Then there's a number of different sheep produces in the area, a couple of guys that I grew up with that are my neighbors. They raise sheep and the they bring their sheep over and they pay me rent on a daily basis on having their animals on my place. So I want, from an economics stand point, I want them

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