This Year’s Drought Outlook and What to Do About It

The US Weather Service has issued its drought prediction for the next 90 days and for some of us the news is not good. In fact, for some of us, the news is even worse than last year when Kathy and I shared this information with you. So here, updated from April of 2020 is a look at our vegetation and soils and what the outlook is for the next 6 months, along with some ideas for what we can do about it. Drought Outlook Here's the outlook for 2021. The brown in this map shows where drought persists, and the yellow shows drought developing. You can compare it with the 2020 map below this one to see how life is changing for some of us as drought expands in the U.S. April 2021 Outlook April 2020 Outlook Vegetation Stress Levels Vegetation that is still showing some drought stress from past years. Drought stress means our forage is still recovering and may not be as productive. In this map white is near normal, the green shows good moisture levels, and the yellow to red show drought stress. When we compare the April 2021 map with the April 2020 map below it, we can drought is increasing plant stress over time. Soil Moisture Levels We didn't provide this map last year, but here it is for 2021, showing that soil moisture levels are significantly drier than normal in may places in the

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