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Is Your Grass Getting Ahead of You? Here’s What to Do

By   /  June 7, 2021  /  2 Comments

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I have always been a promoter of forage/pasture staging.  It’s a way of making sure all your
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About the author

For more than 25 years, Victor Shelton, Indiana agronomist and grazing specialist with the Natural Resources Conservation Service, has provided advice about grazing’s best practices. He travels across the state conducting pasture walks, working one on one with farmers and participating in grazing talks. He also writes a newsletter called "Grazing Bites" as a way to talk about current and seasonal grazing issues and what farmers need to be prepared for.


  1. rancher Mike says:

    Thank you for the helpful article. Your thoughts have confirmed my idea that if you must clip, clipping higher is better than lower.

    What might your thoughts be on how the higher setting affects the control of woody species, if a person wanted to set those back at the same time as clipping the grass to keep it vegetative? I am speaking with regard to pasture in south central Missouri, fescue country.

    • rancher Mike says:

      I should qualify my answer in that if clipping higher actually stimulates new growth and tillering in fescue and other cool season grasses, I agree clipping higher should be better. However, I dont know for a fact that clipping higher does stimulate new growth and tillering in fescue and other cool season grasses.

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