You Can Be Paid for Protecting Your Grasslands, Rangelands and Pastures

  USDA’s Farm Service Agency (FSA) is accepting applications for Conservation Reserve Program Grasslands from July 12 to August 20, 2021. The program is an effort to help landowners and operators protect grassland, including rangeland and pastureland, while while still using them for grazing. Participants receive annual payments of not more than 75% of the value of the land and not less than $15 an acre. Enrolled grasslands can be grazed, hayed, mowed or harvested for seed production. This is a competitive process. Participants are selected based on the relative benefits for the land offered by the landowner/operator. Each eligible offer is ranked in comparison to all other eligible offers and selections for acceptance are made from that ranking. Ranking factors include: • Existence of expiring CRP; • Existing Grassland; • Existing Multi-species cover and predominance of native species; • State Focus Area (land-based) determined in consultation with State Technical Committee; • Applicant is an eligible Beginning, Veteran, or Socially Disadvantaged farmer or rancher; • Existing Small Livestock Operation; • Cost; and • Other factors as determined by FSA Small Livestock Operations Welcome! Small livestock operations with 100 or fewer grazing dairy cows or the equivalent can submit applications to enroll up to 200 acres per operation. To figur

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