Aspirin Takes the Headache Out of Establishing Sustainable Pastures

It seems like there is a lot of good research results becoming available right now. In June, we learned how plants develop "memories" to adapt and survive heat stress. This week we find out that nativ

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3 thoughts on “Aspirin Takes the Headache Out of Establishing Sustainable Pastures

  1. I’m not sure about this, but “willow water” is claimed to help rooting. If it helps that way, would it help seedling roots, too? If so (a big if, I know), why use synthetically produced aspirin?

    1. Hi Curt,

      I had not heard of using Willow Water, so of course I looked it up. One of the sites that came up is one I often go to when I’m trying to find out if something is myth or reality. Robert Pavlis at “Gardening Myths” breaks down what it is in the willow that helps it root, and whether or not that occurs in Willow Water. His take on it:

      “I suspect the myth of willow water was born out of sound science; willows root easily and that they contain rooting hormones. From there, a leap of faith concluded that homemade willow water would work as a rooting hormone. This idea is then bolstered by gardeners who try it and claim it works, without ever running controls.

      “Given the lack of evidence that willow rooting water works, and the fact that it is not easily produced, it seems to make more sense to use commercial products that are easy to use, and are proven to work. For a few dollars you can buy enough rooting hormone powder to last 10 years or more.”

      You can read the whole post here: “Willow Water Rooting Hormone – Does It Work?

      I’m going to send Robert this latest research as well so that he can add it to his store of knowledge. I really like how he looks at the claims, the anecdotal evidence and the science to help us all see things in a new light.

  2. this looks good. Funny thing, I was just talking about old remedies coming back to their own in medicine, and here you gifted us with on for the whole pasture. thank you.

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