How One Grazier Builds Cattle Business on Leased Land

How do you start a second career as a farmer/grazier? For John Shubeck, former Marine Corps Captain, it included not just coming home to work with his Dad, but going to school and learning about new techniques like No-till farming and rotational grazing. In this 6:20 video we visit John at his South Dakota farm where he talks about his journey. Of particular note is his discussion of his grazing operation. It's built largely on leased pasture. He watches for unused pastures, asks about it, and then writes up a proposal that factors in the costs of fencing, the amount of work he'll need to do to make the pasture usable, and what it will contribute to his bottom line. Finally, the partners supporting the "Our Amazing Grasslands" video series have recently been asking graziers if and how sustainable practices reduce their stress. John says it's diversity, and healthy pastures that help tamp down his worry. Enjoy the video and transcript! Transcript: John Shubeck: Out of high school my dad was very pragmatic about preparing me for life. And you know there's a lot of people who begged their kids to come home. My dad said, "You're not just going to come home and farm." He said,"You should go get a degree and get a job, get some experience. And if you still want to come home and farm, then you can." So I went to USD for my undergrad, graduated, took my commission in the Marine Corps and went on active duty and deployed to both Iraq a

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