Stress Spreads: What’s Pee Got To Do With It?

Several years ago I was looking for animal behavior information that would help me understand why some groups of cattle learned to eat weeds more quickly and easily than others. I'd noticed that the s

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2 thoughts on “Stress Spreads: What’s Pee Got To Do With It?

  1. I try not to herd (follow) my animals, but lead them to a new paddock, to new hay in the corral, etc.

    By the way, I believe my oldest cow, named Cow, thinks that a good pee helps her think things through.

    (When I was on the board of an educational institution, we would have a coffee break if things were getting tense. I don’t know about the women, but the men–older men–would line up at the urinals soon after even a sip of coffee. Then small talk and some discussion of the topic took place. It worked.) Maybe cows need to have a communal pee sometimes, too.

  2. Disposition, disposition, disposition. More and more we understand the importance of this trait. Usually we think of disposition as a cow much worse than just nervousness.

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