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Setting up a Paddock/Pasture System That’s Just Right For You

This week in The Thinking Grazier, we take a look at one of the most commonly asked questions: “How should I set up my paddock/pasture system?

Because everyone’s operation, landscape, needs, and goals are different, we can’t tell you, “This is what it should look like.” But we can give you some principles to think about as you’re figuring out what’s best for you. So this week, we take a look at animal behavior – both yours and your animals – and examples from one grazier who is doing things a bit differently. Check it out here!

Sure, it would be great if there were a recipe – but it turns out that as a grazier, you’ve chosen a career that requires flexibility and the ability to think through problems. With The Thinking Grazier, we focus on helping you develop your observational skills, and on how to apply what you learn so you can adapt principles and practices to create a successful operation and personal life.

Stay Tuned for More!

We’ll talk more about leading, herding and simple infrastructure changes in our September edition of The Thinking Grazier. If you have thoughts or questions we can address, let me know!

I hope you’re enjoying and benefiting from the new additions to On Pasture and the changes to the publication schedule. You can read more about them here and find the introduction to The Thinking Grazier here.

As always, if you have suggestions for topics or things I can do better, do let me know.

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