White Muscle Disease – Protect Your Animals From This Mineral Deficiency

Dr. David Larsen's blog, "Memoirs of a Country Vet" is one of the few that I read every time there's a new post. I asked him to share this one with On Pasture because it's a very important topic. “Doc, I think I have a problem that you should look at,” Ryan said as soon as I picked up the phone. “What’s going on, Ryan?” I asked. “I have two dead calves out in the field this morning,” Ryan said. “Yesterday, everything was fine. The others all look like they're doing well, but something must be going on for two calves to be dead.” “Okay, I have some time now,” I said. “I will run by shortly and open one of the calves up. If I can’t find a cause of death, we will send you over to the diagnostic lab at Oregon State with the other calf.” It was a short drive out to Ryan’s place. When I arrived, Ryan had the two calves pulled out of the field and stretched out in front of the pasture gate. I looked over the grounds, and then I had Ryan pull one of the calves over to a grassy area in the corner of the barn lot. “Just in case we have something contagious,” I said. “We don’t want to contaminate the ground the entire herd will be walk through.” “Do you think it could be something serious?” Ryan asked. “Two dead calves are serious,” I said. “I have seen more, and it could be something like Lepto. It is just better that I open this guy on ground that is not used by the herd.” I pulled on a pair of glo

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