Winterizing Your Grazing Infrastructure and Some Winter Water Tips

This is a twofer article. The first half is courtesy of Rob DeClue who has tips on getting your infrastructure ready for winter. Then, since water is always a winter challenge, Kathy has added some examples of winter water solutions you might consider. Enjoy! Shortening daylight, crisper morning air, frost coated grass, and the changing of the leaves undeniably signal the end of yet another grazing season, unless you have stockpiled some pasture. For some graziers, the livestock will shortly come in under cover for shelter and feed under green-up next spring. The end of the growing season also triggers the task of winding down field work, and putting equipment away for the winter. Just as with farm machinery, your grazing equipment – fencing and watering system components – should be winterized until you need them again in the spring.  These tools that permit you to get the best forage quality out of your pastures are an investment, so taking care of them now ensures their long-term use over several seasons. Here are five quick pointers to get you started: 1) Back off tension on high-tensile fencing. This is important near public roads where heavy snow tends to pile up, and along woods that might shed large limbs or even an occasional tree.  Reducing the lateral pull of the strands at the corners, ends, and gates diminishes the shifting of the posts during changes

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