Where’s the Poop?

Everyone says that one of the benefits of management intensive grazing is that the cows put the fertilizer right on the ground where it belongs. But how well are they doing their jobs? Are they spread

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3 thoughts on “Where’s the Poop?

  1. You can train them to go in pasture. Make them all stand up then wait 3-5 minutes then drive in.

    1. Yes, during our grazing trials we encouraged the staff to do that, to give them time, but they weren’t always willing to wait for them to do so!

  2. Seeing this is just delightful! I’m so glad this research is still being talked about.
    Those were good times sitting out there in the dark listening for that sound…
    We even had pizza delivered out to the pasture one night!
    I miss working with dairy cattle!

    Happy Grazing!!
    Sharon White Bennett

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