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Are You What’s Holding Your Grazing Business Back?

Note from Kathy: Welcome to On Pasture’s Bonus week! Most months have four weeks. But on those special months with five weeks, On Pasture brings you something special too. Thanks to Jenn Colby for this week’s “Notes from Kathy” and for this week’s article.

“I realized that I  was what was holding my farm business back.”

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Recently a farmer that I’m working with said this to me.  Boy, did it resonate.

Like her, I have all the skills it takes to manage grass with livestock. With 22 years of farming experience, I know fencing, how grass grows, what my animals need when, and how to put it all together. I even have business plans, cash flows, goals, and marketing schedules.

But I still wasn’t having the success I wanted.

Then I Finally Got It…

Four years ago, I went to a one-day success training and came face-to-face with my problem.

My barrier was ME.

I avoided much-needed conversations. I blamed my lack of progress on all the forces allied against me. I had all sorts of irritations and limitations that kept me from moving forward. I couldn’t find time to do things that I enjoyed. There was just too much work to do.

Solving the ME Problem

Over the past four years I’ve used the same drive that made me a farmer in the first place to learn skills to help solve The Me Problem.  I’ve read, I’ve gone to trainings, and—most importantly—have practiced the skills and techniques I learned, to finally make a real difference in my life. My best testimonial to the progress I’ve made is how my husband describes the improvements we’ve made in working together.

Helping My Fellow Farmers and Ranchers Find Success Too

I can’t say change has been easy – any change requires effort. But I can say that it was easier thanks to all the skills and techniques I learned, and the resources I’ve gathered over the last four years (and continue to!). I saw that these are skills that anyone can pick up and I wanted to help others come along with me. If I can do this, you can do this too.

I’m helping farmers and ranchers create success in a couple ways. First, I started the Choosing to Farm Podcast as a place where we can share stories of the human side of starting and growing our businesses. We learn a lot about what to do and not do, from the voices we hear firsthand. You can get a taste of that in this week’s article.

I’m also working directly with farmers and ranchers on business and personal skill development. Earlier this year I shared how to develop goals and a vision with On Pasture readers, along with a free workshop. (You can watch it here, and download this free PDF workbook to go along with it.)

Coming Up – a Communication Workshop on April 5

I’m also putting together a series of monthly workshops on the skills and techniques that create success, especially those places where all have our Me Problems. If you’d like to check one out, join me April 5 when we’ll be focusing on three principles to improve conversations on your farm or ranch. You’ll walk away feeling like you have new tools for that next time things break down.

Just click here for more details and to register for this free, online workshop.

Here’s to your success!

Jenn Colby

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Jenn Colby
Jenn Colby
Jenn Colby has spent over 25 years helping livestock farmers find success and quality of life through non-profit, academic, Extension, and community roles. She writes, farms, consults, and hosts the Choosing to Farm podcast from her home base of Howling Wolf Farm in Vermont.

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