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Creating Quality Silvopastures in Open Pasture Areas Part 1

Silvopasturing usually starts from the forest and moves to pasture. But what if you have pasture and you want to add trees? Brett Chedzoy gets you started with this 2 part series.

Shade Options for Grazing Cattle – Natural, Permanent and DIY Portable

It's that time of year when grazers begin asking each other, "What do you do to get shade to your animals?" Here's why it's...

How to Turn Wooded Sites into Silvopastures (Pastures With Trees!)

Throughout most humid regions of the US, the landscape is dotted with old farm fields and pastures that today grow trees and shrubs.  In...

Lessons Learned From a NY Farmer Heading to Year Round Grazing

Is year-round grazing possible in the rugged hill country of Steuben County? John Burns thinks so and is putting a lot of planning and...

Shade Is Good For Your Bottom Line

This week we're sharing the first article in a series by Brett Chedzoy about how to go about adding trees to open pastures. As...

Is Contract Grazing in Your Future?

Businessman Nido Qubein said, “Change brings opportunity.”  With the volatility of conventional milk prices and the surging interest in local beef and organic grass-fed...

Living Barns

Brett didn't have the $100K to make upgrades to his operation for nutrient management, let alone the $30K for a new barn to winter his cattle. The solution? A change in management that prevents runoff from his winter feeding AND provides his herd with shelter free of charge.

Grazing Winter Stockpile Part 4 – The Gory Details

Rain, Mud, Frozen Forage, and Snow, OH MY! Here's more on the realities of winter grazing.

Bale Grazing: Feed the Cattle, Feed the Pasture

If you didn't have a chance to stockpile forage for winter grazing, here's another way to make your life easier, your animals' lives better, all while improving your pastures.

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