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Farm Hack Fly Traps

I recently joined the Regenerative Grazing Group Facebook page. Participants share information and ask questions about what's going on in their pastures and help...

Farm Hack – Inexpensive, Innovative Tools By and For Farmers

Farmers have always created new tools or repaired old ones using whatever was available. Now, there's a place where you can share your solutions, as well as finding ones you may not have thought of.

Hacks That Make and Save Money – The Dog-Goat Tractor and More

Self-sufficiency is on the minds of many folks these days. Victory gardens and chicken tractors were/are in the toolboxes of many families looking to...

Grazing Hacks for Feeding Mineral, Blocking Water Gaps and Solar Charger Stands

Solutions for moving your mineral tubs (while spreading manure), and creating a fence for your water gap, as well as a stand for your solar charger.

Farming Bugs to Feed to Livestock

An entrepreneur in Ohio is producing 225 pounds of clean, safe feed per day in a 3-foot by 5-foot space he calls "The Love Shack." See how black soldier fly larvae might be in your livestock's future. And don't miss the Barry White video we included!

Portable Panels for Inexpensive Livestock Handling

Sandy Miller is one of the most forward thinking people I know.  She's always coming up with ways to do things better, more easily, and to benefit everyone in her community.  Here, she shares her farm hack for using portable panels to create inexpensive handling facilities for her livestock. We bet you have some pretty good farm hacks as well.  How about sharing them with your fellow On Pasture readers in the comments section below?

More Ways to Keep Flies Off Your Livestock

There's more than one way to skin a cat or catch a fly. On Pasture reader Fred Forsburg was inspired to share his method...

More Ways To Keep Flies Off Your Livestock

There's more than one way to skin a cat or catch a fly. On Pasture reader Fred Forsburg was inspired to share his method...

Frugal Innovations

Frugal innovating is the art of using human ingenuity to create solutions from the resources at hand. Farmers and ranchers are usually born frugal innovators, but we could all use a little inspiration to improve those skills. Here you go!

Harsh Truths That May Change Your Life

Seems I have lots of advice to offer as I transition On Pasture to its future as a grazing library. Here's some more... I can't...

Your Weeds Are NOT the Problem!

In the last while I have attended a couple of field day, farm tour type of affairs. To my knowledge none of them were...

Pinkeye and Fly Management Made Easier

In the summer, the most popular searches at On Pasture are about how to treat Pinkeye. Why? This is when fly populations seem to...

Grazing is a Win-Win for Ranchers, Salamanders, Frogs and the Community

This story was drawn from a piece by Ashley Spratt, a Public Affairs Specialist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in the Ventura...

Reader Question – How Do You Manage Fence Line Vegetation?

Another On Pasture reader has a question and we need your help! How do you manage the vegetation under and around your permanent fence lines...

Winter Grazing Through Extreme Cold and Deep Snow

One of the biggest challenges farmers and ranchers face is feeding their livestock through winter. It can be costly and time consuming. But as...

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