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Forrest Pritchard and Hammer
Forrest says “Sometimes I still just want to hit myself in the head with a hammer. You probably know what I mean.”

For years, Forrest Pritchard has been selling farm raised beef and pork at his on farm store, and to dedicated customers at the farmers markets in Washington D.C.  So it seemed like a win-win situation when another farmers market seller suggested he take over the business of selling lamb from Montana.  Forrest put a pen to paper to figure out the costs involved, and came up with a tidy profit.  He signed a contract, waited for the product to arrive, and then for the money to roll in.  But that’s not how it worked out.

In what he describes as “The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made as a Farmer,” Pritchard tells the rest of the story and shares a lesson he learned that can help us all be more successful.

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