Veal Part 4: Calves Into Veal – The Most Difficult Part of the Process

I want to make this clear from the start--I DO NOT kill, slaughter, butcher or murder my calves...they are harvested.  Just like other farmers, I'm raising a crop destined to provide sustenance for human consumers. Routinely, I am faced with someone staring at me with their sad, puppy-dog eyes and whining, "But how can you kill your babies?" And while to date I've avoided the urge to reach out, grab them by the throat and punch them in the face, I have instead, over time, developed a response that has led to the highlight of my veal venture:  I sold scallopine to a pair of militant, vegetarian, animal-rights activists who had arrived complete with placards of ugly, industrial veal barns to picket my stand at an outdoor farmers market in Washington, DC. First, let's get this straight. Just about all animals raised for human consumption today--industrial, organic, sustainable, feedlotted, pasture-raised and otherwise--are young animals who have not reached sexual maturity. In other words...babies. Meat chickens are 8 weeks, lambs and goats under a year, 6-7 months for pigs, and beef producers like to keep their animals under 30 months so they do not have to spend the extra money at the processor to remove the spine prior to butchering due to new Mad Cow preventative measures. Very little in the food chain today isn't a young animal. As discussed in Part Two of

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