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Forage Analysis of Stockpiled Pasture at the Grass Whisperer’s Place

Stockpiled pasture at Troy's with the cattle grazing in the background. All photos by Troy Bishopp.
Stockpiled pasture at Troy’s with the cattle grazing in the background. All photos by Troy Bishopp.

Troy is home and healing, and has invited you on this mini-pasture walk of winter-grazing at his place. Here are lots of great pictures of his animals in action, along with the forage results for his stockpiled pasture and the sedges that the cattle like to eat this time of year.

Thought you all would be interested in these recent forage samples I took of stockpiled pasture in paddock 16.  It’s the second to last paddock to finish the season out and is 107 days old.  It is remarkable the quality and energy value even at this late date in upstate New York. I’m also wondering how much having this field fallowed 2 years ago for the grassland birds and then mob-grazed plays a part.

Here are the forage test results. Click to see full size

I also sent in a sample is of rushes (looks like a green needle) that the cows readily eat after frost.  I’ve always been interested why they devour these wetland plants so much in winter and what nutrition these basically hollow, freeze-dried plants have.  I see they are really high in Manganese and Molybdeum.  A Relative Feed Value of 94 is also not bad.

Anyway, as my body heals from the heart attack, I still like to think, so if you have any insights on these samples drop me a note.  I’ll be finishing up grazing next Wednesday which will be about 230 days of grazing.  I still need to figure out how to graze the other 135 days.
The ground is frozen so it will be awesome feeding hay out on the pastures without the damage.  Looks like we are into a snowy pattern so my grazing plan to be nearer the barn this time of year is working like a champ. Sometimes you catch a break.
The cattle don’t mind the white stuff.
Grazed and ungrazed pastures
Classic Winter-Grazing Beard
Classic Winter-Grazing Beard
Mmm….good grass
Even the dog is figuring this out!


Stockpiled grass for winter-grazing



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