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Carl Sagan’s Apple Pie

I’m still working on the “Make the universe as usual” part.  If you don’t want to make the apple pie from scratch, skip this step.

Carl Sagan's Apple Pie Recipe


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J.B. Higley
J.B. Higley
J.B. began sending us funnies for On Pasture shortly after we started publishing. We thought that you'd enjoy these offerings too. J.B. is a stalwart supporter of the marriage between humor and farming from years of breakfasts eaten while reading the funnies. Weaned on "Bloom County," "The Far Side," Calvin and Hobbes," Cul de Sac" and "Bizarro" with a variety of meats, eggs, dairy, wheat and oat products.


  1. Ha, love it. Just got my Sagan / Slayer t-shirt in the mail today then I happened across this. What’s the word/phrase for when you see or hear a random thing, then keep seeing it over and over for a while?

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