Farm Hack – Inexpensive, Innovative Tools By and For Farmers

Hack Doing something in a very clever, non-obvious, admirable fashion. Farm Hack An open source community for resilient agriculture that is helping folks create equipment solutions in a very clever, non-obvious, admirable fashion. In 2011 a group of farmers got together with some engineers from Massachussetts Institute for Technology for the first ever "Farm Hack" convention.  They shared and brainstormed blueprints and designs for farm tools and equipment that were inexpensive to build and repair, often using leftover parts or older equipment to make do.  Since then, the Farm Hack community has held over 10 events and has gone online to expand the number of people they reach and the ideas that are shared.  Their three minute video describes the history of Farm Hack and how you can add your own "hacks" to the mix of ideas you'll find there. Here's the link if you're using a tablet. If you sort the tools by fencing and livestock management you'll find a hack for being able to turn your electric fence off and on by text message.  There's also a picture of a solar powered chicken tractor mover, no documentation available yet for how to build your own, but if you're tired of dragging your chicken housing yourself, this could provide some inspiration.  You might also find that you have some good hacks of y

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