2 thoughts on “Ditch Those Curved Facilities and Tubs – They Don’t Make Livestock Handling Easier

  1. Tubs are terrible! Inevitably some cattle in the tub get turned around, and it’s difficult to get them turned back around, without getting them all buzzed up and/or getting in the tub with them, which is not exactly a safe situation. I put in a bud box several years ago, using Preifert corral panels and it’s worked great. It’s faster, safer, and much cheaper.

  2. I have found this series very useful and timely, as we began managing a small ranch in BC, Canada this spring. This past weekend, we vaccinated & tagged our cow herd utilizing a Bud Box and chute we created quickly with panels in the barnyard. This was cheap, easy, fast, and most importantly, minimally stressful on the animals. We will certainly make improvements to the placement and design of the system as we make it a permanent fixture, but you won’t find me lusting after spendy tub/curved systems. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences.

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