The Grass Whisperer’s 2013 Grazing Season

Editors Note:  Troy Bishopp has been sharing a lot of articles with On Pasture readers on the usefulness of Grazing Charts for ensuring a successful season.  Here he shares his last grazing season, showing how he used his grazing chart to not only grow healthy cattle, but to get some time off, and make his farm manageable even when he had to take some time off to recuperate from a heart attack.  He also shows you how much grass you can grow and graze, and how little feeding you can get by with by planning ahead.  We’re sure you’ll get some good inspiration from this year packed into 7 minutes and 30 seconds.

Want your own grazing chart?  Here you go!

One thought on “The Grass Whisperer’s 2013 Grazing Season

  1. Troy, the most impressive part to me, being from Eastern Colorado where the average yearly moisture ranges from 17 inches down to 11 inches is the recovery from pugging. I have a friend in Alabama that needs to see what you are doing. He says with winter rain they get the pugging is just too much. I have not been able to convince him to change methods. This video might get his attention.

    Kathy I will forward this to him and maybe get you a new subscriber.


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