When is My Grass Going to Grow?!

I’ve heard several comments that we are having a late spring.  I suppose that depends on your definition or basis for the comment.  I believe some people are still trying to use 2012 as a comparis

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2 thoughts on “When is My Grass Going to Grow?!

  1. Thanks. Forages have leaped forward the last two weeks since I wrote that article, but still not normal yet. Seeing quite a bit lacking normal growth yet pushing reproductive stages already…this is typically brought on by stress. Yes, the cows know best when it comes to nutrients.

  2. Good post. We’re in same boat (I mean our grass is) here in SE PA,. AND OUR CATTLE ARE VERY NOTABLY GOING BANANAS WITH THE HIGH MAG selection in FREE CHOICE MINERAL cafeteria sold by Mark Bader .

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