Day Range Pastured Poultry – An Alternative to Chicken Tractors

Lots of producers use chicken tractors.  The concept was popularized by Joel Salatin and the structure size and shape has been modified by many people.  I used my own version when raising meat chickens in my backyard.  It's basically an open-floored enclosure that is moved once or twice a day around a pasture. Birds live in the enclosure all the time, and get fresh pasture when the pen is moved. But that's not exactly "free-range" poultry. If you're looking for more "ranging", you might consider the Day-Ranged pasture poultry system. This is the system used by Pasture Perfect Poultry, a partnership of four farms near Ashland, Wisconsin that has been producing and selling free-range chickens and turkeys together since 2008.  For a Day Range system, you'll need a mobile pen, and an electric fenced area.  Birds are free to roam all day long inside the fenced area (thus the name "Day-Range") and at night they are put into the mobile pen if predators are a problem.  The mobile pen is moved daily to spread manure more evenly, and the fence is moved as necessary to add fresh pasture. From Start to Finish [ezcol_2third] After the chicks arrive by mail, they are put in a brooder box with heat lamps.  Starting at 1-week, chicks can walk around on grass through a small door in the brooder.  They spend 3 to 4 wee

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