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World Soil Day

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We are so excited!!

A whole day to celebrate soil and its importance to all of us! And how exactly can we celebrate such an awesome day?

Make your own t-shirt

Head over to the Global Soil Partnership’s website to pick your design and the language you’d like it to be in.  (Hey, maybe wearing it in French will be just the conversation starter you’re looking for!)  Click on your choice to get a PDF that you can save to your hard drive for printing.  Then click here to download the instructions for transferring it onto a t-shirt. )You’ll need special transfer paper that you can buy at any office supply or big box store. But hey, you’ll have enough to make numerous t-shirts too!) Wear it to remind your fellow planetary citizens that we shouldn’t be treating our soil like dirt. Send us a picture of you in your t-shirt and we’ll post it in the comments so it will be like we’re all partying together.


Kathy has a Bachelor's degree in Russian so she's partial to this poster. Now when she gives the traditional Russian Toast of "To Your Health" it has a whole new meaning!
Kathy has a Bachelor’s degree in Russian so she’s partial to this poster. Now when she gives the traditional Russian Toast of “To Your Health” it has a whole new meaning!

Print off your own cards and posters.

You can hang them where your customers or clients will see them, or hand them out on the street.

There are so many great messages to choose from! The folks at Global Soil Partnership have set them up so you can download whatever size or language you like.  Imagine how surprised people will be when, instead of hearing “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas” they hear “Happy World Soil Day!” 🙂

Attend at World Soils Day event or make your own.

Mmmm….cookies over ice cream, in a dessert served family-style. Just pick up a spoon and dig in!

Here’s a link to an interactive map you can use to search for events in your part of the world.  Just zoom in to get more info.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, why not have your own party.  Decorate for your party by sprinkling compost on your local soil. What to serve for the traditional World Soils Day meal?  Why soil of course!  No, don’t eat dirt!  Here’s a recipe that’s quick and easy and that you and all your celebrants will love to eat and play with. Someone suggested compost tea as a beverage, but that’s going a little too far.

Watch “The Symphony of the Soil.”

Yes,  just like all the other Holidays, World Soils Day has its own show. This documentary will be streamed live here and here from December 5 -12 for free!

Read more about soil. 

We’ve posted lots of articles at on pasture to help add to your understanding of soil and to your stewardship skills.  You can browse through them all by clicking here. Or just check out these suggestions for a quick start:

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Grazing Management Affects Soil Health
Soil Saves Lives

Remember – 2015 is the International Year of Soil. So Friday’s celebration is a great way to practice for the coming year.

Happy World Soil Day to All and to All a Good Year!

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