Definitions of Holistic Management and Low-Stress Livestock Handling

Ben Bartlett is a retired Michigan State University extension agent.  He and his wife, Denise, raise sheep and stocker cattle on their 900 acre farm on Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  In this video you see him on one of his visits to Alaska where he shares great definitions of Holistic Management and Low-stress Livestock Handling and why they are especially important the more challenging your environment becomes.  Plus you'll see a different version of livestock, with reindeer roaming in the background and Ben interacting with one of the musk oxen at the Large Animal Research Station in Fairbanks. Tablet readers, here's your link.  

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One thought on “Definitions of Holistic Management and Low-Stress Livestock Handling

  1. This is a nice, concise explanation by Ben Bartlett of what holistically planned grazing is and it is a good follow up to Troy Bishop’s articles about winter stockpile grazing where he uses Holistic Management grazing charts. Thanks for making the loop with theory and practice. As Ben says, it is a “learned technique” and your coverage helps us in that learning. Thanks again.

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