Low-Stress Animal Handling How-To Videos

These videos come to us from Australia's New South Wales Department of Education and Community. They do a great job of showing how to move animals quietly and easily. What I like about them is that they show the kinds of movements that you need to group and move cattle in pasture and then to work them in corrals and chute systems. And while they show cattle, these techniques are fine for any herd animals. The videos are short too, less than 10 minutes for all of them together, so grab a cup of coffee or a glass of something cold and take a break that will make your life easier down the road. Mustering Cattle This is the gathering phase in pasture with great reminders to think about what kind of animals you're about to move and why. See how the riders move from side to side, left to right and back again behind the herd? That's what lets all the members of the herd see you so that they keep moving forward. The side to side movement puts on pressure, and then releases it as you move on.  I don't usually have a person in the front leading the way when I do this, but I can see how it could have helped me on a number of occasions.  Replace their motorcycles with your preferred mode of pasture transportation, and you've adapted this to your own place. (2:16) Tablet readers, here's your link. Safety in the Yards The beauty of this video is how it shows you "Parallel Movement" in action. When you move with the animals, they slow down. When you walk from head to tail pa

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