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What is a Pasture Inventory and How Do You Do It?

By   /  June 15, 2015  /  1 Comment

There are a variety of ways to figure out how much forage you’ve got. Here Jim Gerrish describes three of them and the one he likes the best.

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A pasture inventory provides an assessment of what you have available in your pastures at a given po
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About the author

Jim Gerrish is the author of "Management-Intensive Grazing: The Grassroots of Grass Farming" and "Kick the Hay Habit: A Practical Guide to Year-around Grazing" and is a popular speaker at conferences around the world. His company, American GrazingLands Services LLC is dedicated to improving the health and sustainable productivity of grazing lands around the world through the use of Management-intensive Grazing practices. They work with small farms, large ranches, government agencies and NGO's to promote economically and environmentally sustainable grazing operations and believe healthy farms and ranches are the basis of healthy communities and healthy consumers. Visit their website to find out more about their consulting services and grazing management tools, including electric fencing, stock water systems, forage seed, and other management tools.

1 Comment

  1. Sarah Bailly says:


    Thank you for this excellent article! It’s to-the-point, thoughtfully descriptive, and very helpful. It’s a great addition to Mr. Gerrish’s article in Stockman Grass Farmer this month. My husband and I very much appreciate the information available on this website–affirming and correcting our practices!


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