Less Milk But More Money With Soil Health

This video is one of a series from Pennsylvania’s Capital Resource Conservation District exploring improvements in profitability that come with managing for soil health.  Here Justin Geisinger talks about the improvements in his land and his bottom line since converting from confinement dairying to grazing his dairy cows. While it may have cost him in overall milk production, he’s making more money overall and even looking at his neighbors’ fields wondering, “Where would I put up an electric fence and get to grazing?”

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2 thoughts on “Less Milk But More Money With Soil Health

  1. I think that if riparian areas are flash grazed with cattle having access to a given area for only an hour or two at any particular time with a few weeks for recovery that the damage would be minimal and rapidly healed. It is when cattle have many hours or days of access that more environmental concerns emerge.

  2. I can’t see that grazing the riparian area as shown in the viedo does much but hut the creek-let.

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