How to Manage Pastures When Winter Isn’t Wintry

Thanks to the Maryland Sheep Breeders Association for sharing this article from their winter newsletter! Grazing and Pasture Renovation Should my pasture management be different when winter, well—isn’t winter? Mild weather in winter does make things interesting and we do need to adjust some of our practices but it also gives use opportunities. First and foremost, our cool-season grass were still growing in late December, although not as rapidly as in April or October. So on the plus side, our grazing season was extended for our established pastures. But for new seedings, these temperatures can be a double-edged sword. The new grass may grow too much and smother if we get a heavy snow. If growth is in excess, flash grazing is acceptable. But remember that flash grazing is just that quick. Do not overgraze, and do not allow animals to “pug up” pasture soils (which happens especially when soil is too wet). These temperatures also give us an opportunity to start renovating those worn-out paddocks. Over-graze them and pug them up. Also feed hay o

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