Instructions for Starting to Ranch (or Just Doing Better Where You Are)

Editors Note:  Grant G. has an opportunity to start a cattle ranch from scratch in NE New Mexico. We shared his question with everyone at On Pasture, and you gave us some really great responses.  Some of them are posted as comments under the original article. Others, like this one from NRCS's Dan Nosal, came directly to Rachel and Kathy as emails. Over the next few weeks, we'll be sharing these responses, and we're guessing we'll be getting even more. This is a great opportunity for sharing resources with folks that are getting started, or those who are just thinking about ways to improve their own operations. THANK YOU, On Pasture Community. We love learning and growing with you! "If I was starting a ranch I would....." or "I would NOT...." or "If I was starting over I would ....." or "These are the questions I would find answers for..." Get Free Help! Contact the local Natural Resources Conservation Service office and request some time with a rangeland management specialist that can do a rangeland inventory for you.  They can also supply you with a conservation plan map of your property showing existing fencelines, watering points, soils, and ecological sites.  Use the plan map to number the pastures and begin the design of your grazing plan.  Hopefully you get a good rangeland s

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One thought on “Instructions for Starting to Ranch (or Just Doing Better Where You Are)

  1. A successful rancher must be proficient at managing three things, land, livestock, and finances. A person can excel at any two, yet will fail if they don’t master the third

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