Summer Annuals, the Nutritious Pasture Refresh Button

Q: We are located in central Missouri and have a small cow calf operation (38 cows). Our pastures are mostly fescue with some other grasses and clovers mixed with the fescue. We have been planting ann

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2 thoughts on “Summer Annuals, the Nutritious Pasture Refresh Button

  1. Dr. Michael Peel of ARS did a study measuring Sainfoin resistance to glyphosate. It slows down, but can recover nicely after being sprayed with up to a quart per acre. This makes is a great pasture renovation plant; plant and re-spray a time or two for a year or two until the fescue is gone; then interseed with the desirable grass of your choice.

    Sainfoin can’t handle grazing in a mix because it is too palatable, so use short duration grazing or cut it for hay.

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