The Most Important Grazing Management Strategy to Date

Andre Voisin developed the theory of rational grazing. Darrell Emmick gave us prescribed grazing. Jim Gerrish coined the phenomenon of management intensive grazing. Greg Judy sparked the practice of m

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2 thoughts on “The Most Important Grazing Management Strategy to Date

  1. I’ve long said that the highest value time that I spend in my entire farming operation are the minutes that I spend observing. Whether that’s observing the animals, the plants, the watering system, or whatever. The Scots, as they always do, have a saying: “Tis the shepherd’s eye that grows the lamb.”

  2. G’day, you can start down this path by simply setting up a Photo point in each paddock and taking a pic each month over time you will have a record of how each paddock reacts to the changing seasons,this will lead you to wonder why some paddocks are better than others at providing forage for stock .Once you start THERE IS NO GOING BACK.FRANK.

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