NDGLC Mentoring Program Helps Ranchers Make Big Improvements

Thanks to Joshua Dukart, Executive Director of the North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition, and Kenneth Miller, rancher and former NDGLC chair, for this article. They share how their community of ranchers is working together to help everyone be successful. The North Dakota Grazing Lands Coalition was established in 1996 by a grassroots based group of grazing managers who believed in not only protecting our grazing resource, but also in regenerating it over time. In addition to establishing a Coalition, these producers also felt strongly about the progress they had made through changes in their grazing management and wanted to share these experiences and outcomes with others. They felt their successes and failures could be important learning tools for others looking to improve management of not only their grazing lands, but of their ranching businesses as a whole. Therefore, the mentoring network, made up of North Dakota grazing land managers, was born. These producers, who are scattered throughout the state, have agreed to provide one-on-one guidance and council to interested ranchers, farmers, agency personnel, industry specialists, and all other resource managers and consumers. Mentors are paid by the NGDLC to assist others in improving their grazing management. If you're thinking of contacting a mentor, remember to respect their schedules and account for differing time zones. Speaking costs may include s

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