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Using Pasture Pro Posts as Corner Braces

One of the many things we do at the ranch here in Idaho is evaluate different fence products & construction techniques as they come to our attention.

Five years ago we installed some end braces using the E3 Corner System brackets (You can find them here on page 18 ). We initially put them in using either 1-5/8″ or 1-1/4″ Pasture Pro posts. The brackets are designed for use with fiberglass posts, but we wanted to see what would happen using the more flexible, wood-plastic composite Pasture Pro posts. The E3 Corner System can be installed with nothing more than a hand post driver. They are very handy up there on the side of the mountain where equipment can’t go.

The 1 5/8″ Pasture Pro assemblies have held up fine & are as solid as the day we put them in. The 1 1/4″ assemblies were a complete failure as the Pasture Pro posts were too flexible to take the strain. After 5 years, we fixed all the 1-1/4″ assemblies by replacing the angle brace member with 1″ Fiberglass.

This is the 1-5/8″ assembly with two hi-tensile wires. The hi-tensile wire is run through a 3/16 hole drilled in the Pasture Pro post and a loop crimped or tied on the opposite side. A gate can then be tied to or hooked into the loop.
Here is the 1-1/4″ E3 end assembly using 6′ Pasture Pro posts instead of the recommended 1.25″ fiberglass. This was one year after installation.
Four years later the Pasture Pro brace post was bowed out sideways as well as being curled downward. Not a good end brace at all.
Quick fix was to insert a 1″ fiberglass sucker-rod like it should have been in the first place.
There you are. Just as it goes with a lot of research, a whole bunch of time goes into it and then the results can be summarized in 300 words or less.





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Jim Gerrish
Jim Gerrish
Jim Gerrish is the author of "Management-Intensive Grazing: The Grassroots of Grass Farming" and "Kick the Hay Habit: A Practical Guide to Year-around Grazing" and is a popular speaker at conferences around the world. His company, American GrazingLands Services LLC is dedicated to improving the health and sustainable productivity of grazing lands around the world through the use of Management-intensive Grazing practices. They work with small farms, large ranches, government agencies and NGO's to promote economically and environmentally sustainable grazing operations and believe healthy farms and ranches are the basis of healthy communities and healthy consumers. Visit their website to find out more about their consulting services and grazing management tools, including electric fencing, stock water systems, forage seed, and other management tools.

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