Need An Additional Income Stream? Rent The Chicken!

Last week we introduced you to Josh Slingerland, the Accidental Chicken Farmer who's making a profit on purpose. When Josh started farming in 2013, he had a few chickens and a couple of cows. Now he has plenty of chickens, AND starting this year, he became a chicken landlord. As an affiliate of Rent The Chicken, he's known as Homestead Josh and he rents chickens to local folks who would like to have backyard layers for a season. Yes! Rent The Chicken is Real Rent The Chicken was started by Phil and Jenn Tompkins in 2013. It matches chicken providers with folks in the U.S. and Canada who are dreaming of home-laid eggs without any of the hassle of raising chicks or taking care of chickens through the winter.  The idea wasn't original to Phil and Jenn. They actually found it by googling "crazy business ideas." They found a woman in Alabama who was renting out chickens and after talking to her they decided to give it a try. It's gone well enough that in 2015 Phil quit his IT job to work at Rent The Chicken full time. Here's how it works. Each customer gets either 2 or 4 birds, feeders, a waterer, the coop, and all the food their birds will need for the six-month rental period. Folks wanting organic feed can even get that for a slight upcharge. To make sure renters get off on the right foot with their chickens, they

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