7 Keys For Launching A Thriving On-Farm Store

Twelve years ago our farm converted a modest 8ft x 10ft garden shed into a self-serve farm store for the purpose of selling our pasture-raised eggs and meat products. To our amazement, since its launc

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2 thoughts on “7 Keys For Launching A Thriving On-Farm Store

  1. Dear Kathy and Rachel, Someday. . . maybe you could find someone to write about marketing one’s ag produce in areas far from any big population centre. For example, we live near a town of 1,000 and there is another of 5,000 one half-hour away. The nearest city of 25,000 is three hours away and in the other direction is a city of 80,000–four hours away.

    It’s quite a different matter for those in our area than for those close to bigger centres. (By the way, I am retired and have no trouble selling my 1/2 of Dexter beef each year. Vegetables I give away.)

    Curt Gesch

    1. Curt, I am hoping the same thing as my husband and I are in the same situation you are in with population. We too sell everything we have but are interested in taking it to the next step and living completely off money earned from the farm.

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