Stockpiling is Good For Encouraging Legumes in Your Pastures

Stockpiling pastures for winter grazing is

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2 thoughts on “Stockpiling is Good For Encouraging Legumes in Your Pastures

  1. Jim – Do you find with that much clover in the sward that you lose the clover leaves with the frosts? Do you keep some more grass dominated swards for later winter grazing? We have wet winters with cold spells here.



    1. Hey Rob,

      What I have found over the years is that 50% grass is enough to carry good stockpile protection deep in the winter. This is especially true with taller growing grasses like tall fescue and meadow bromegrass. The clover tends to be below the grass canopy.

      Alsike clover, red clover, and birdsfoot trefoil all have better leaf retention than does alfalfa. Alfalfa is the legume that really lets you down in a stockpile situation.


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