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How We Transitioned to Be A Grain Free Dairy

By   /  October 17, 2016  /  3 Comments

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Butterworks Farm We here at Butterworks Farm have long been interested in no grain dairy farming. Fo
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About the author

Jack Lazor is co-owner of Butterworks Farm in Westfield, Vermont, with his wife Anne. They raise a herd of Jersey cows and make organic Jersey-milk yogurt, buttermilk, and other dairy products available throughout the northeast USA. He is also co-founder of the Norther Grain Growers Association and author of The Organic Grain Grower. A nationally recognized speaker and teacher, Jack Lazor has been a student of agriculture and and a farmer for nearly half a century.


  1. Burke says:

    What happened to profitability–it is not a four letter work by the way. More work, more acres required, less milk–doesn’t sound very good to me.

  2. Thanks for the candid perspective on your operation and transition. Do you feel the flavor of the milk/milk products changed significantly? Or the nutritional value? Sounds like you were already pretty forage-centric, and somewhat low grain with 9 lbs a day, compared to much dairying (which tends to use both more grain and more corn silage).

  3. Dj says:

    This is so good to hear, that good pasture and lots of it was and is the answer.

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