Grazing Stockpiled Pasture How-Tos

Victor lives in Indiana where conditions are now perfect for grazing stockpiled pasture. No matter where you are, here are great tips for making the most of what you've got. When to Start If possibl

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One thought on “Grazing Stockpiled Pasture How-Tos

  1. Victor,
    Thanks for the practical advice, on an number of fronts here.
    I think geared reels are worth the money, even for beginners. Time and daylight are limiting esp this time of year; and I can walk so much faster with a geared reel, which allows me to ‘beat’ the cows to the edge much easier.

    Quality step-in posts worth the money. The tabs on them last longer when the wire is pulling into the thickest part of the post, instead of away from it whenever the wire isn’t perfectly straight. Our SE US drought so bad this year, that the couple of posts we had with thicker metal spikes were worthless in clay soils. Thinner diameter spikes the way to go, esp. if soils dry or freeze. Online sellers of these post are oft users, and advise well on what lasts.

    As for avoiding shocks, I wear a pair of neoprene coated gloves and insulated soles, so when I touch the wire inadvertently, or have to fix something, I feel it much less. There’s a huge difference among different brands and styles of boots.

    We keep an eye on the weather and give the cattle more when rainy/windy in 30s or bitter cold, less on balmy days in the 50s.

    Looking forward to your next installment, on fescue over hay. Our cows much prefer frozen fescue over the best local hay I can offer. Post-digestive feedback informs their choice.

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