I’m Sorry I Missed Your Drought Party

Word on the street says you gain experience just after you really need it and you’re supposed to learn from past experiences in an effort to not repeat.  After 32 years in the managed grazing business, I’m not supposed to be surprised anymore.  That was until the dry spell of 2012 when I literally got burned. That year in the Northeast we had a warm winter followed by a grazing season with 25 days of over 90 degrees and very sporadic rain.  This was a period where it might sprinkle every 3 to 4 weeks and you counted a dew, as rainfall.  What I can remember is it was a highly stressful time to manage a newly started organic 100% grass-fed dairy heifer custom grazing operation.  It took me to the brink of my gray matter capabilities to get through it. It tested my decision-making, the land and plant’s resilience and the back-up plan, as for years previous, I kinda coasted on my laurels and the moisture always came.  I vowed after 2012, I would never be stressed like that again.  I would always be on guard and be ready for the next event.  And then 2016 shows up without a winter, little moisture and the feeling of Déjà vu creeps into the farm again. My gut was telling me in March that it could be a rough 2016.  Learning to be proactive not reactive was a good lesson from 2012.  I look at grazing management as a systems process with all the benefits of soil/plant health, animal performance, finances and quality of life intertwined with all decisions imp

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2 thoughts on “I’m Sorry I Missed Your Drought Party

  1. Dear Whisperer,
    I love the way you dug the hole in the ground in the last picture without any indication that a backhoe had been in the field. Holding the plastic fence post at shoulder height was also a work of genius. The holes can also work as pit blinds during goose season which should bring in additional revenue. If everyone were as short as I am, the holes wouldn’t even have to be so deep. I’d suggest you avoid NBA goose hunters.

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